Parker, Cenex, Infiniti, University of Canterbury.

Project Parker is a V2G study in Denmark that follows on from two other such projects. Nissan, Mitsubishi, PSA and Enel all take part as they plan to develop universal grid integration for electric vehicles by mid-2018. Ultimately, the Danish experiment shall drive V2G systems globally through the definition of technical capabilities and a proposal for a Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIV) certificate.

Smart car park: In the UK Cenex is looking into V2G integration, too as it is part of a scheme to turn a Solihull car park into a battery to provide power on demand. The 1 year project seeks to develop a data management platform that collects, aggregates and optimises energy collected by multiple grid-connected EV batteries at a single location.,

Infiniti Q60 Black S revealed: Pictures show a high performance hybrid concept that is expected to have about 500 hp. That is thanks to F1 technology under the hood (we reported). Its powertrain was developed by Renault and Infiniti engineers together at Renault’s F1 engine base at French Viry-Chatillon. The streamlined body was shaped by Infiniti at its new design studio in London Paddington. If the Black S will make it into production is unclear at this stage.

Recyclable electric car: Students at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have come up with an EV that is recyclable as it is made made entirely from thermoformed plastic sheets. The team will compete in the Shell Eco-marathon in Singapore this March.,,


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