ENGIE + EV-Box, US-Cities, London, Phoenix Motorcars.

Infrastructure alliance: French utility ENGIE acquired the Dutch charging infrastructure specialist EV-Box for a yet to be disclosed price. The deal has been finalised last night, electrive.com learnt. The acquisition is likely to lead to the creation of a new heavyweight for electric mobility in Europe.

To defy Trump as much as fossil fuel cars 30 cities in America have formed a buyers community of sorts to shop for 10bn dollars worth of electric cars and trucks. In vehicles that may translate to about 114,000 and requests have been sent to various manufacturers to prove that demand is there. The move comes just as Trump seeks to review pollution standards the car industry opposes. The effort is coordinated by the Mayor of Los Angeles with Chicago and New York being on board too. Their call is not just for cars but for electric police cruisers, street sweepers and trash haulers.

Local diesel levy: London council Merton decided to introduce a new diesel levy of 150 pounds — up from £65. It will phase in the new levy, starting with an initial charge of £90 for a parking permit this year before increasing to £150 in 2019/20. At the same time, the price for a parking permit for electric cars has been lowered to 25 GBP.

E-shuttle at LAX: Phoenix Motorcars has deployed 16 of its Zero Emissions Utility Shuttle (ZEUS) buses to WallyPark Premier, an airport shuttle bus service at Los Angeles International Airport. The 14-seater electric buses are being used to service off-airport parking.

EV plan in Pennsylvania: Utility Duquesne Light from Pennsylvania has announced its EV plan, which includes a fleet conversion albeit only by 5% per year, education and outreach, and the addition of charging infrastructure.


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