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News about Ultra Low Emission Zones: London’s mayor Sadiq Khan reveals details to the so-called Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) in the city centre. From April 2019, petrol cars have to meet at least Euro 4 and diesel vehicles Euro 6 standards to enter certain areas. Otherwise a daily fee of 12.50 GBP becomes due (for buses even 100 GBP) – in addition to the existing congestion charge. From 2020, the ULEZ are to be expanded across the whole of Greater London.

The Electric Nation project continues and first smart chargers have reached Milton Keynes, the latest town to participate in the trial. To take part, one must own an EV but receives a free smart charger. In Milton Keynes even the former Mayor is on board to see how much the grid can take.

PSA EV sharing meets demand: 100,000 clients already made use of Free2Move and Eysa’ joint venture debuting last December in Madrid – on an average these are 1,000 clients per day. Under the name Emov, 500 Citroën C-Zero free float in Spain’s capital and nearby outskirts.

Emission free buses in Norway: Norwegian public transport operator Unibuss purchased two electric buses of the type Solaris Urbino 12 to deploy them on line 74 in Oslo from autumn on. Siemens is in charge of energy supply via pantograph at stops.

Setback for Tesla in Utah: The state’s Supreme Court has denied the Californian company the right to sell its fleet directly to costumers from Utah-based stores. Too bad Tesla opened a 3m showroom in Salt Lake City just over a year ago.


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