May 5, 2017 - 08:18 am

Vienna, Maven Gig, Oregon, Fremont, Swindon.

Self-driving shuttles in Vienna: If someone has mastered the sweet life, it is the Austrian capital and so it may not come as a surprise that its public transport may soon be autonomous and electric. From 2018, Wiener Linien wants to try out two mini buses from French Navya, with up to eleven real passengers. The pilot ‘auto.Bus Seestadt’ is supported by AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology), TÜV Austria and Siemens AG Österreich as well as traffic safety institutions. If no major disruptions occur, the shuttles will enter service from 2019. (in German)

GM embraces Gig Economy: Maven Gig is a new option for GM’s car sharing service. It now allows users to hire a Bolt for 229 dollars a week and to use it to pick up passengers through Uber, Lyft and other hail-ride apps. San Diego is the first testing ground before Maven Gig will move on to congest Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year.

EV sales incentives: Oregon may pay car dealers 250 dollars per electric car they sell to residents of the state. The bill under consideration would set aside a 1m dollar fund.

Home to Tesla, the City of Fremont decided to require solar panels and EV charging wiring for all new housing developments. California aims to to have homes built to a “zero net energy” level by 2020.

Swindon tries hydrogen: Two Toyota Mirais and one Hyundai iX35 have been delivered to three businesses in Swindon. They build a car pool for employees of Arval, Nationwide and The National Trust as part of the town’s Hydrogen Hub project.


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