Jun 7, 2017 - 07:46 am

BYD, Nissan, Enel, Heathrow, ALD Automotive, Bermuda.

BYD Down Under: Brisbane has ordered eleven electric buses to serve at its airport. While they will be build by Australian Carbridge, battery technology is BYD’s. The Chinese company only recently secured a contract to deliver 40 electric buses to Sydney airport.

Nissan Leaf heads to Chile: Nissan Chile sold 25 units of the little EV to utility Enel, which offered it to employees via a raffle. The sale is part of an initiative geared exclusively towards fleet operators and Enel also set up a rebate scheme for members of staff.

And off to Heathrow Airport where 17 Nissan Leaf arrived. Twelve will serve security and luggage teams while the remaining five form a pool. They come in the wake of a bigger electrification effort at London’s airport, which includes infrastructure and other EVs.
electriccarsreport.com, contracthireandleasing.com

PHEV fleet trial: ALD Automotive UK has taken on a fleet of 20 Mercedes C350e Plug-In Hybrids in an attempt to define their feasibility for a typical business fleet. Charging points have been installed as well and the trial will run for 6 months before the firm may recommend PHEV to its clients.

Rent a Twizy in Bermuda: The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club hotel now provides guests with the option to rent a Renault Twizy and reserved a fleet of 25. They come at the same rate as a scooter, that is at 79 dollars per day.


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