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NEVS InMotion, ARRT, GyroDrive, Visedo.

NEVS-InMotionNEVS presents autonomous EV: National Electric Vehicle Sweden has revealed its eye catching concept car InMotion at the CES Asia. The futuristic prototype represents an all-electric autonomous vehicle with different seating configurations for idle “drivers”. Next to it, NEVS put its long awaited electric Saab models, the 9-3 and 9-3X on display.
carscoops.com (InMotion), motorauthority.com (9-3 and 9-3X)

Mix of electric bus and tram: The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ARRT) of Chinese company CRRC is a new mean of transport powered by electricity and made for autonomous driving. It looks like a hybrid of bus and train, yet does not run on rails but on wheels along designated paths. Each carriage can fit about 100 people. The first ART line is currently under construction in the city of Zhuzho with completion set for 2018.
ibtimes.co.uk, popularmechanics.com

Another wild mix for future mobility comes from the Czech Republic. Airborne, the GyroDrive is basically a mini helicopter for two passengers, but on the street the prototype turns into an electric vehicle albeit one that does not reach more than 40kph. Pricing starts from 57,000 euros.
ibtimes.co.uk, youtube.com

Alliance for electric ship propulsion: Finish propulsion specialist Visedo is to partner with Kongsberg Evotec and Veth Propulsion in order to electrify marine applications. Visedo and Veth already developed the Integrated L-Drive together, an electric drive with a power range of 300 to 1,325kW.
boatingindustry.com, visedo.com


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