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Google car update: Digital titan Google says it will retire its pods aka Fireflies as they had never been made to last but only to test in the first place. Instead of buying vehicles, subsidiary Waymo is now to concentrate on adding self-driving tech to other makers’ cars like with Chrysler’s hybrid Pacifica project. It looks like the race against Apple is heating up once more.,

Another London borough is down for Bolloré’s BlueCity EV sharing as Hammersmith and Fulham joins the club. The French are working to get the British capital’s districts on their side but have to win them over one by one since 2014. Hammersmith however was forthcoming and installed 100 charge points for the red electric cars to charge and be shared and Source London has waived the sign up fee for its network in return.,

All set in Somerset: NewMotion has completed the integration of most of its charge points in North Somerset. Previously operated by Charge Your Car, they have now joined another 30,000 cloud connected charge points in NewMotion’s infrastructure that asks a transaction fee of 35p.

Tesla may soon set up 20 stores in the state of New York if a new bill passes legislature. It would counteract a rule that had limited Tesla’s retail options to five outlets. The new proposal calls for an increase in “certificates of registration for entities that manufacture or assemble zero-emissions vehicles.”

Residents of Sacramento rejoice as soon their garbage will be loaded silently. The city aims to run the Electric Refuse Vehicle (ERV) powered by Motiv on three routes per day and expects to save over 27,000 litres of fuel per year through the truck’s ten battery packs.



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