Jul 12, 2017 - 08:01 am

Hyundai, China Yuchai, IBM, Iveco.

Hyundai’s own tech for new FCV: Hyundai will start serial production of fuel cell tech for its upcoming H2 crossover as soon as next month in its factory in Chungju. As previously suggested, 3,600 units of the new model are to roll off the lines in 2018, meaning the Koreans are taking their FCV endeavour up a notch. As they produce even the fuel cells under their own umbrella, Hyundai says it will reduce FCV’s production costs by at least 30 percent.

China Yuchai to supply hybrid bus drives: China Yuchai’s subsidiary GYMCL closed a deal to deliver 100 diesel-electric hybrid motors to Liuzhou Bus, operator of Liuzhou’s public transport. GYMCL’s YC6J200-50 motors will power 85 buses from Xiamen Kinglong and 15 buses from Zhongtong Bus.

The latest patents: What are the engineers’ ideas for future EV development? Inside EVs digged in patent files once more and discovered Proterra’s idea of a charging system for electric buses and IBM’s cloud-coordinated charging agents among other things.

KERS for rigid truck: Fraikin’s rental fleet presents a rigid truck utilising KERS. The 12 ton Iveco Eurocargo equipped with the system installed by Alternatech and developed by Adgero and Skeleton Technologies stores regenerated energy in a set of ultracaps.


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