Jul 28, 2017 - 08:07 am

Mike O’Brien, Henrik Fisker

Mike-O-Brien_100x100px“Our biggest problem with Ioniq is we don’t have enough of them. I think our only problem right now is insufficient supply.”

Mike O’Brien, VP of product, corporate and digital planning for Hyundai Motor America, when asked if Ioniq sales were slow (4,881 units through June), points to a problem of supply rather than demand, esp. for the EV variant.

henrik-fisker“My lesson learned there is that we need to make 100 percent sure of the battery technology that we launch with, which is why we chose LG Chem.”

This is Henrik Fisker, who blames parts of his previous downfall on A123 Systems, which supplied batteries for the Karma before filing for bankruptcy in 2012. With LG Chem he went for the safe option.

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