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Jan 29, 2020 - 11:37 am

Artega is accepting orders for the Karo

Artega has opened the order books for the Karo. From now on, the two-seater electric mini car in an Isetta design can be ordered through Artega’s sales department in Germany. The first deliveries are expected in the second quarter, at which point dealers will also be supplied with exhibition and demonstration vehicles.

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Jan 5, 2020 - 03:51 pm

Microlino & Artega settle out of court

The dispute between Micro Mobility Systems and Artega about the Microlino clone Karo has been settled out of court. Micro Mobility now wants to bring the Microlino into series production in 2021 – with a new production and development partner.

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Sep 28, 2019 - 02:05 pm

No go for little Karo(lino) aka Microlino

The Microlino saga continues as the (cloned) cabin scooter presented by Artega at the IAA under the new name Karo, has now been explicitly banned by interim injunction, following two previous injunctions.

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Sep 11, 2019 - 12:19 pm

Karo vs. Microlino goes into the 2nd round

The increasingly bizarre dispute between Micro Mobility Systems and Artega over the Microlino clone Karolino is entering the next round. The two companies are fighting about the rights to very similar tiny electric vehicles.

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Aug 26, 2019 - 01:09 pm

Micro Mobility manages to block Artega Karolino

There has been a development in the dispute between Micro Mobility Systems and Artega regarding the Microlino clone Karolino. Micro Mobility has now succeeded in court, so that Artega’s version of the mini EV may no longer be advertised and therefore not be presented at the IAA.

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May 14, 2019 - 04:46 pm

Microlino moves delivery dates

After the German sports car manufacturer Artega took over all rights for the production of the Swiss e-cabin-scooter Microlino from the Italian manufacturer Tazzari in December, the delivery start of the Microlino planned for April has now been postponed.

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Dec 4, 2018 - 02:35 pm

Extra small electric car Microlino to be made in Germany

German sports car manufacturer Artega has taken over all rights for the production of the Swiss electric city car Microlino from Tazzari of Italy. The latter wants to focus on projects outside the urban segment instead. Hence Artega also acquired the rights to the Tazzaro electric taxi e-cab but first to the electric Isetta remake.

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Jul 28, 2017 - 08:07 am

Mike O’Brien, Henrik Fisker

Mike-O-Brien_100x100px“Our biggest problem with Ioniq is we don’t have enough of them. I think our only problem right now is insufficient supply.”

Mike O’Brien, VP of product, corporate and digital planning for Hyundai Motor America, when asked if Ioniq sales were slow (4,881 units through June), points to a problem of supply rather than demand, esp. for the EV variant.

henrik-fisker“My lesson learned there is that we need to make 100 percent sure of the battery technology that we launch with, which is why we chose LG Chem.”

This is Henrik Fisker, who blames parts of his previous downfall on A123 Systems, which supplied batteries for the Karma before filing for bankruptcy in 2012. With LG Chem he went for the safe option.

Sep 24, 2015 - 09:44 am

Siemens, EPRI & NRDC, Mercedes-Benz, Artega.

Green light for EVs: Siemens is testing a technology that enables communication between vehicles and traffic lights in Newcastle. The two EVs and emergency response units equipped with the device get the green light whenever traffic allows, receive information about the speed at which they have to travel to reach the green phase or if they better turn off their motor at a red signal. The trial is part of the EU’s Compass4D project.

Proven helpful: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have issued the ‘Environmental Assessment of a Full Electric Transportation Portfolio.’ It shows that EVs have a lower carbon footprint than conventional cars and become greener, the cleaner the grid gets.
greencarreports.com, epri.com (report)

Change for efficiency: Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile)shifts shape to accommodate for airflows at higher speeds. Its grille shutters close, while flaps partially cover the spoke-wheels, which also flatten. In real terms, Mercedes claims the aerodynamic mode improves the electric range of the hybrid by three miles.

Electric Artega: German sports car Artega Scalo is now electric. Its lightweight build and modular platform made electrification easy. However, only 12 have been made to order. The Scalo’s two electric drives deliver 390 kW at peak. Range is given at 400 km.

Sep 16, 2015 - 08:20 am

Thunder Power, Artega, Nissan, Toyota, Bugatti, Mission Motorcycles.

Thunder Power lifts curtain: The Taiwanese company officially introduced its Tesla-fighter concept in Frankfurt. There will be two variants of the electric vehicle – one with 230 kW and the other with 320 kW under the hood. Both will be able to go 650 km on one charge. Market launch in Europe is scheduled for 2017, followed by China in 2018. The U.S. will have to wait a while longer before seeing the EV hit the road.

Sports car Scalo: Artega hopes to make a comeback with the Scalo, an electric version of the company’s late GT, which had caused it to go bankrupt. This time, the petrol engine was replaced by two electric motors with a combined peak power of 390 kW. The car is said to have a range of up to 400 km, while maximum speed is set at 250 kph. The Scalo will only be built to order.
autogespot.co.za, autoweek.nl (in Dutch), autobild.de (in German)

Nissan crossover concept: The Japanese presented the Gripz Concept at the IAA Tuesday, equipped with the ‘Pure Drive’ e-Power hybrid system. A petrol engine powers the electric motor also used in the Nissan Leaf. The sporty four-door crossover is said to be great for everyday routes, as well as fun to ride on the weekend.
carscoops.com, netcarshow.com

Hubject_IAA 2015_en

Toyota-premiere in Frankfurt: The manufacturer took the wraps off its updated version of the C-HR hybrid concept, nearly one year after showing a first glimpse at the Paris Motor Show. The production car will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show early next year, with sales to kick off in the second half of 2016.
worldcarfans.com, indianautosblog.com

Bugatti previews Veyron’s successor: Bugatti showed its newest vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show, dubbed the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. The car is essentially a real life version of the car in the PlayStation Gran Turismo videogame, but is said to strongly influence the planned hybrid sportscar Chiron. Meanwhile, this concept car will sell for around 2.6m dollars.
motoring.com.au, indianautosblog.com

Failed Mission: Manufacturer Mission Motorcycles is bankrupt. Considering the past year, this may not come as a surprise. Instead of beginning to sell it electric motorcycles in September of last year, the company underwent corporate restructuring and a name change, saying it wanted to venture into the automotive market. It was even hit with a lawsuit by one of its co-founders earlier in 2014.

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