Aug 8, 2017 - 08:12 am

Hyperloop, Patents, Loop Energy, SGL Carbon.

Hyperloop-NewMusk building “the entire thing”? Various start-ups working on concepts to realise hyperloops based on Elon Musk’s brainchild could be left empty-handed as it seems that he could develop the high speed transportation system and the according technology on his own, reports Bloomberg referring to a “person close to Musk”. Initially, he did not plan to execute the tech in order to remain focussed on Tesla and SpaceX. Besides, Musk also holds a trademark for “Hyperloop” through his company SpaceX, other companies would not be allowed to use the term.

Promising patents: InsideEVs has successfully dug for further patents targeting electric mobility evolution. This time eye-catching: Rollable solar panels for electric cars and Ford’s idea to enable the stowage of electric bikes in electric cars and to charge both at the same time.

Heavy-duty truck with FC range extender: Canadian company Loop Energy’s fuel cell range extender has been successfully implemented in a heavy-duty terminal tractor of China’s National Heavy-Duty Truck Company (CNHTC). In this case, Loop Energy’s system is combined with an electric battery system to enable peak power and to capture energy derived through regenerative braking.,

SGL to take over JV with BMW? SGL Carbon is considering a complete take-over of a joint venture founded with BMW in 2009 and specialised in carbon fibre production. Exclusivity agreements have been expired, according to SGL CEO Jürgen Köhler, who assumes that “BMW does not want to become a manufacturer of carbon fibre”. His assessment derives from the fact that BMW did not make use of carbon fibre anymore in its new 5-series, whereas it still was utilized in its i3, i8 and 7-series., (both in German)


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