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Ariel, easelink, Elektro Blitz, Escorts.

880-kW EV by Ariel: The British manufacturer has taken the wraps of its electric sports car at the Cenex Low Carbon event as planned. Codenamed P40, its most striking feature is a turbine range-extender. Production is scheduled for 2020, then with an actual chassis of course.

Matrix Charging: To ease automatic charging, Austrian start-up easelink has developed a wireless conductive charging solution called Matrix Charging to debut at the IAA. It consists of a charge pad and connector that automatically connects to the pad. easelink says the conductive fast-charging happens at 43 kW (DC) and 22 kW (AC) and with 99 percent transfer efficiency.

Elektro Blitz: German start-up emobile-Transporter brings its first prototype of an electrified Opel (Vauxhall) van to the IAA. Based on the Opel Vivaro but renamed Elektro Blitz, it will hold three battery options, 43, 63 and 76 kWh, with a 100 kWh pack in the making. Diversity is also in the body as the young company follows Opel’s L2 line-up. Prices start from 62,225 euros. (in German)

Electric tractor concept: Indian manufacturer Escorts is working on an all-electric tractor as part of its New Escorts Tractor Series (NETS). While no details have been released, a serial version is allegedly due within the next 12 – 18 months and shall be offered in India as well as in other countries.,,


CoperionCoperion technology for continuous production of battery materials. Reliable process technology solutions that secure a consistently high product quality: The ZSK twin screw extruders, the components and the gravimetric feeders from Coperion and Coperion K-Tron are specifically designed for toxic and hard-to-handle materials in continuous production processes.

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