Sep 25, 2017 - 08:19 am

Ikea, LeasePlan, Norway, Japan, UK, BMW.

Ikea’s and LeasePlan’s EV strategy: 10 multinationals founded the initiative EV100 (as reported) and publish now step-by-step details about their individual electrification plans. LeasePlan for example intends to switch to an all-electric fleet by 2021. Ikea has announced to replace combustion-powered company cars at 355 sites in 30 countries through fully electrified vehicles and says it would expect that also from partner companies responsible for its deliveries. Additionally, Ikea wants to equip every store with charging stations for employees as well as for clients., (Ikea)

Norway launchs EV infrastructure programme: The Norwegian government approved funds to promote the implementation of fast-charging stations, according to the BusinessPortal Norwegen. The new programme will support municipalities with less than 2 fast-charging points by contributing 40 percent respectively 200,000 crones for every new triple charger.

Japan to relax regulations for H2 stations: Next year, the Japanese government intends to reduce regulations for the implementation of hydrogen filling stations in order to halve the installation and operational costs until 2020, Nikkei has learnt. The cabinet’s aim is to increase the number of H2 stations from 91 today to 160 in 2020 and up to 320 in 2025.

How to lower freight emissions: The UK’s government raises 15m pounds for domestic companies presenting solutions to reduce freight emissions. Roads Minister Jesse Norman says the aim is to support research into low emission technology for lorries as well as cars and vans.

Official provider of BMW’s portable chargers: AeroVironment has been chosen by BMW of North American to provide BMW- and MINI-branded accessory EV chargers. The system provides two chargers in one, enabling flexible dual-voltage (120 V or 240 V).

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