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Battery Summit, Rinspeed, Nissan, StreetDrone.

EU battery strategy due in February: Representatives of industry heavyweights and politics gathered at the “battery summit” in Brussels and agreed to develop a strategic roadmap for an EU Battery Alliance until February 2018, according to media reports. Until then, several working groups are supposed to discuss topics such as supply chain, investment financing, trade issues and R&D. The European Union might contribute up to 2.2bn euros.

Rinspeed’s interpretation of a “snapping” car: The Swiss company is known for its creative mobility concepts. At the CES in Las Vegas, it will present its electric-powered concept car Snap, which basically consists of two parts: a flat chassis and several exchangeable cabins. Depending on the cabin, the vehicle can serve as delivery van, public transport car or mobile home.
motor1.com, carscoops.com, rinspeed.eu

Approval for Nissan’s debut in the Formula E? Rumours about Nissan’s ambition to take the starting place of Renault e.dams most probable turn out to be true: Motorsport-Total.com reports that the Formula E’s union has approved Nissan’s move into the electric series. Meanwhile, Renault wants to fully focus on the Formula 1.

Modified Twizy drives autonomous: British company StreetDrone managed to convert Renault’s Twizy into an autonomous car. Six cameras, a 4G connection and a Nvidia computer enable the StreetDrone ONE to move without a driver. As reported, Universities across Britain shall be asked to buy the modified Twizy in order to do research on self-driving cars. Pricing starts at 49,500 Pounds.
theengineer.co.uk, thedrive.com

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