E.ON promises 10,000 charging stations by 2020

The energy provider has solidified plans for a pan-European charging network: By the year 2020 E.ON plans to install 10,000 charging stations all over Europes’ public places, including super markets, train stations and highway stops.

They plan to include high-power charging stations as well, which will have a charging capacity of up to 350 kW. However, according to information available to electrive.com, not all charging stations will have the capacity for such top performance, as has been falsely reported in some media. The majority of the installed hardware will be encountered in cities – and will provide the usual AC charging ports with 11 or 22 kW, though some rapid charging stations will be installed by E.ON as well.

The first installment will be on a strip of the A7 highway in the north of Germany, up to the A8, which borders on Austria, where E.ON will be providing electricity for the Tank & Rast service areas. As a part of this initiative, a prototype charging park is planned in the Bavarian Geiselwind.

In order to advertise their new expectations and hopes for the future, E.ON has started an advertising campaign called ‘Freedom is Electric’, starring some very exciting electric car prototypes.


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