Opel/Vauxhall to electrify all of its carlines

PSA subsidiary Opel has revealed its roadmap “Pace”, a strategy plan that shall guarantee Opel’s return to profitability by 2020. Most important from an electric mobility viewpoint is Opel’s intention to offer all of its European carlines additionally with either electric or plug-in hybrid drivetrains by 2024.

In a first step, four models of Opel/Vauxhall shall be electrified by 2020 – among them the next-gen Corsa (BEV version) and the Grandland X (PHEV version). Furthermore, all sites remain preserved and get modernised. Opel’s headquarters in Rüsselsheim are going to host a competence centre of the PSA group, focussing among others on FC tech.
europe.autonews.com, media.opel.com


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