Deutsche Post DHL now runs 5,000 StreetScooters

Deutsche Post DHL has hit its target to operate 5,000 of its “homemade” electric StreetScooter vans even before the year’s end. No. 5,000 has gone into service already in November and adds to the 13,000 km driven so far.

For the German mail service, electrification is proving a huge success and turned DPDHL into Germany’s largest manufacturer of electric medium duty vehicles. The electric fleet is growing constantly, and the 5,000 StreetScooter vans have been joined by about 3,700 StreetScooter WORK and 1,300 WORK L models, larger models designed together with Ford (we reported).


Together, they account for an annual reduction of more than 16,000 tons of carbon emissions and 60 to 80 percent lower costs for maintenance and wear compared and DPDHL claims the electric vehicles incur 60 to 80 percent lower costs for maintenance and wear compared with conventional vehicles.
On top, mail men and women use around 10,500 pedelecs and of those, 1,300 e-bikes and 900 e-trikes are from StreetScooter, and whilst they are made in-house they have now become available for third parties to buy as well.


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