Nov 28, 2017 - 06:14 pm

World’s largest solar charging centre opens in Shanghai

Tellus Power has opened a solar charging centre for electric cars in Shanghai and claims it to be the world’s largest. It covers an area of 2,500 sqm and includes 44 charging stations that can charge up to 400 EVs a day.

The so-called Mega Charging Centre has been two years in the making and now opened in Shanghai, where Tellus Power is based. The firm claims the 44 EV charging stations can charge up to 400 electric cars a day. Overall, the centre houses 13 DC charging stops, including two Tesla Superchargers and another 29 AC stations.

The PV panels have been made in Germany by Asola and Tellus Power says the 90 kW solar modules can produce up to 400 kWh daily to either charge EVs directly or to feed the grid.

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28.11.2017 18:05