VW I.D. Crozz first to launch in the USA by 2020


VW premiers all three I.D. concepts at the on-going LA Motor Show and has now revealed the I.D. Crozz launch in the States. The production version will hit the shelves by 2020 and is to precede the I.D. Buzz.

While the electric microbus has created more of a, well, buzz at Pebble Beach recently, Volkswagen has now decided to send its electric crossover across the pond first.

The all-electric I.D. Crozz is to arrive in the States by 2020 and VW says the final product will closely resemble the concept currently in the spotlight in SoCal. Los Angeles is the official North American debut for all three I.D. concepts after they were first presented in Shanghai and in an updated version at the IAA in Frankfurt as well.

The I.D. Crozz houses two electric motors. One at the front axle delivers 150 kW while the rear adds another 75 kW for a total of 225 kW. Volkswagen set the top speed at 180 kph while the 83 kWh battery is said to last for 500 kilometres. Additionally, VW maintains that the power pack in the floorboard can recover 80 percent of its energy in half an hour via a 150-kW DC charger. Maybe even one of those chargers Volkswagen is forced to fund through its Electrify America outlet following the diesel-gate ruling.

The I.D. Crozz will be the first MEB model to arrive in the U.S. and given that the platform is made for electric vehicles, it also serves the Bus as its base. The I.D. Buzz is due to arrive by 2022 but VW’s Jürgen Stackmann already mentioned in Los Angeles, that there is yet another EV in the making that could prove a hit in the States. He said it is a sedan this time and while he did not go into specifics it may be the I.D. AEROe.


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