BMW bets on two additional electric trucks in Munich

BMW and its logistics partners ARS Altmann and the SCHERM group are about to put two additional electric trucks into operation. So the BMW headquarters in Munich will soon see all in all three electric trucks.

Depending on the specific tractor, the vehicles’ batteries take three to four hours to charge. Their range capacity is said to be 160 kilometres.

Since July 2015, BMW and the SCHERM Group deploy already an all-electric 40-ton truck with a top speed of 40 km/h. Its purpose is to transport car components, thus it does regularly the 12km way from the Munich main plant to the supply centre in Karlsfeld and back. Also one of both new trucks will connect both locations – even a bit faster than the pioneer truck as its top speed is 64 km/h.


  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-05
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-06
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-framo-01
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-01
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-02
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-04
  • bmw-münchen-e-lkw-03

The third truck will be deployed by logistics company ARS Altmann to transport new cars. On a 15 km round track, the electric-powered 40-tonner will bring new vehicles from Garching to the “BMW Welt”, where they are handed out to customers. On the way back, it loads cars that just rolled off the lines to bring them to Garching.

Together, BMW’s three sites in Munich, Landshut and Leipzig deploy now seven electric trucks in its logistics units.


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