Moia shows ride pooling concept and self-created shuttle


Moia, the one year old mobility start-up from Volkswagen, revealed its ride pooling concept and the related ridesharing shuttle at TechCrunch in Berlin. In a first step, Moia will start operating 200 electric shuttles in Hamburg.

The company’s target is to free cities in Europe and the States from up to one million vehicles by 2025. After having initially focused on ride-hailing and (car-)pooling, Moia got now into the role of a carmaker and developed an all-electric shuttle with autonomous driving options just for these new services. The creation process did not take longer than ten month. Cooperation partners are Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge und Volkswagen Osnabrück. The vehicles with space for 6 passengers shall reach a range of 300 km (WLTP standard) and be able to recharge 80 percent of its battery within 30 minutes.

As reported, Moia started a partnership with the Hamburger Hochbahn AG as both seek to develop a new mobility service for the Hanseatic town. Part of the project is an app-based on-demand electric shuttle service that allows people heading in the same direction to connect.


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Since October, Moia tests its service in Hannover and says it is further developing the concept according to the real-world test’s results. As its own-created shuttles are not yet street-ready, the company deploys 20 Volkswagen T6 Multivan models., (PDF)


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