Rocket-powered racer may go electric soon


Bloodhound, the British 1000mph jet and rocket-powered land speed record challenger, is planning to convert. The rocket motors may soon be supported by an electric motor and talks with Polestar are underway.

Bloodhound’s all-important fuel pump, whose job is to deliver one tonne of peroxide catalyst to the racer’s rocket motors, is currently powered by a Jaguar V8. However, the firm believes that an electric motor may be better. Their reasoning is not on environmental grounds – after all, it is a rocket car – but hinges on efficiency rather as Bloodhound hopes an electric drive would free some packaging space.

One possible partner for electrification could be Chinese car company Geely, an existing Bloodhound sponsor. As the owner of Volvo, Geely is already working on a 600bhp electrified powertrain for its Polestar performance label and discussions are underway, says Bloodhound.


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