Dec 15, 2017 - 07:38 pm

Lucid Motors targets 10,000 Air units in its first year

EV start-up Lucid Motors wants to build 10,000 units of its Air luxury sedan in it first year. Production is to start in 2019 and shall be scaled to up to 60,000 electric cars per annum shortly after.

For now, Lucid Motors is still constructing its first facility but once the lines in Arizona will be ready to roll, they shall churn out 10,000 units of the Air electric sedan from 2019. Production is to increase six fold to 60,000 units later, that is about half of the maximum capacity of 130,000 electric cars the plant can produce annually.

In an interview with Autocar, Lucid Motors marketing manager David Salguero claimed that the Air’s development is 95 percent complete and that the Air will come to Europe eventually but no official announcement has been made.

As off now, Lucid Motors presented two versions with the top trim claiming a range of 640 kilometres (400 miles) at 100,000 dollar price point. Still, Salguero did not name the Tesla Model S as main competitor but rather referred to luxury performance saloons such as the BMW 750Li.

The manager also said that investors were on board thus trying to calm previous rumours of financial problems and also Ford had recently turned down an offer to buy Lucid Motors.


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