BMW and Solid Power to develop EV solid-state battery together


BMW has partnered with Solid Power to develop the next-generation EV batteries together. While the carmaker hopes for more range, the start-up wants help to scale up its technology to performance applications.

The Bavarian carmaker is increasing its battery activities as it teams up with Solid Power, a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder. BMW will assist in advancing Solid Power’s technology to achieve the levels required for high-performance EVs, the start-up said in a statement.

Its solid-state battery technology combines a high-capacity cathode, a lithium metal anode and a high ionic conductivity solid separator and with the battery materials being not just solid but 100% inorganic with no flammable or volatile components, Solid Power focuses on safety.

Price competitiveness too as said materials make otherwise pricey safety features redundant. Furthermore the company claims its batteries could provide 2 – 3 times higher energy than conventional Li-ion batteries.

Financial terms of the deal between BMW and Solid Power were not disclosed.

Apart from BMW, A123 has a stake in Solid Power as well (we reported). For the car industry, solid-state batteries may be the game changer everyone is wishing. Toyota for example is also working on solid-state batteries and hopes to come to market by 2022 reportedly.,


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