EU governments agree renewable energy targets for 2030


Environment and energy ministers of the EU member countries agreed renewable energy targets for 2030 ahead of next year’s negotiations with the European Parliament, which has more ambitious green energy goals.

Ministers said they would aim to source at least 27 percent of the European Union’s energy from renewables by 2030, up from an intial target of 20 percent by 2020.

In October, the European Parliament called for this target to be increased to 35 percent. Their call has found support from a group of technology, industry and power companies.

EU member states set a 14 percent renewables target for fuels used in road transport by 2030, including green electricity used to charge electric cars. Bonuses will be given for the use of renewable energy in road and rail transport. The inclusion of rail into the renewable transport targets was criticised by the European Commission, as large parts of the European rail network are already electrified.

The European Council and the European Parliament will need to find a compromise on these matters next year.


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