Shenzhen completes its vast electric bus mission

Chinese city Shenzhen has fully switched to electric buses by the end of the year – and thus ahead of time. Now, its exactly 16,359 buses are probably one of the world’s biggest electric bus fleets.

For several years, the megacity with 12 million inhabitants replaced combustion-powered buses through electric models. Initially, the city expected to finish the modification process by 2018.

In order to keep up with the related charging infrastructure, the city installed approximately 8,000 charging points at 510 bus stations. In a next step, Shenzhen plans to tackle its 12,518 cabs in operation. So far, 62.5 percent are said to be electric-powered. Until 2020, this figure shall climb to 100 percent.,


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about „Shenzhen completes its vast electric bus mission“
Alex Bhiman
16.01.2018 um 08:18
Here in Johannesburg we are taking our first step to e bus for public transport. Shenzen's achievement is overwhelming. How Shenzen has gone about its achievement would be very helpful and encouraging as we venture in that direction.

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