Aston Martin wants no PHEV, rather an electric sports car

PHEVs won’t be part of Aston Martin’s line-up. That is, what CEO Andy Palmer said „Auto Express“. However, he made clear that Aston Martin will stick to its objective to electrify all of its models until 2025.

But the point is that all related hybrid version will be mild hybrids. For the company’s all-electric models such as the Rapide E and the electric version of the DBX, clients can expect several battery options in the upcoming years. Aston Martin seeks to launch the Rapide E in 2019 boasting one electric motor in each wheel for a combined 1,000 hp but in a limited production run of 155 units.

25 percent of Aston Martin’s upcoming models shall be all-electric by 2030, as reported. Moreover, Palmer mentioned in his latest interview that an electric sports car – and thus a challenger of Tesla’s Roadster – is “possible”.


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