Japan aims for zero sales of ICEs by 2040


It looks like 2040 will be the year that finishes fossil-fuel powered vehicles off for good. Japan has now joined the growing circle of countries to set that deadline. Tokyo though wants to work with substantial incentives rather than penalties.

Not a single sale of a combustion engine car may be registered at the start of the fourth decade in Japan’s capital. This is the plan of the metropolitan government in Tokyo according to a report by The Japan News.

However, rather than banning sales entirely, Japan’s capital wants to increase EV charging infrastructure first in order to make owning an electric car attractive and possible. So measures such as free installation of charging devices at condominiums are being discussed, TJN quotes insiders.

The sources said that the plans of the Tokyo government include 1 billion Yen in the fiscal 2018 budget for such expenditures. The new money will cover the remaining cost for installing EV charging infrastructure in apartment buildings after national incentives. The effort is essential as 60 percent of Tokyo’s population dwells in condominiums.

An existing incentive programme subsidises the cost of EV charging devices since 2012. But only 30 such devices in 16 locations have been built in Tokyo as of March 2017. Residents have to bear the cost of the installation and so three-quarters of a condominium’s unit owners must agree. A challenge the new measure may overcome.

Under the new rule, the metropolitan government will take over the remaining installation costs after condominium residents receive national government subsidies. According to the Tokyo government, a charging device costs about 1.5 million yen. The national government subsidizes about 1 million yen which leaves Tokyo with half a million yen to add.

Additionally, the metropolitan government wants to install charging devices at public facilities such as parks and hospitals in 2018.

The capital hopes to set an example for the whole of Japan and follows global efforts. California as well as Taiwan or countries in Europe like the UK and France have introduced similar proposals that aim to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles entirely by 2040.


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