Jan 8, 2018 - 03:53 pm

Solaris to send 41 trolleybuses to Lithuania’s capital


Polish bus maker Solaris has received an order from Vilnius public transport provider VVT. 41 trolley buses are due to arrive in Lithuania’s capital before the year’s end and for the two firms it is not the first cooperation.

Solaris has worked with ‘Vilniaus viešasis transportas’ (VVT) before and so this latest bulk order is a continuation of a partnership that started in 2004.

The latest 41 trolley buses type Trollino 12 will run along an overhead wire once they reach Vilnius within this year. Features include energy recuperation, Wi-Fi, USB charging sockets for the passengers and a CCTV monitoring system. One of the rather curious safety features on board will be a breathalyser, designed to check if the driver is sober once he begins his shift.

By now there are more than 200 Solaris vehicles on the road in the Eastern European country and only a few weeks ago Solaris landed another contract with the very same operator to deliver 150 buses.



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08.01.2018 15:43