VARD to build all-electric ferry for Boreal in Norway


Shipbuilder VARD has received an order for an all-electric ferry from Boreal. Specifically designed to glide through Norway’s fjords, the new car- and passenger ferry is scheduled for delivery by Q3/2019 and to be waterborne by 2020.

With its headquarters in Norway, VARD is well positioned to build an all new electric vessel for Norwegian public transport provider Boreal. The latter has been asked by the government in Oslo to run an electric ferry service at the country’s west-coast. The ship will be crossing Kvanndal-Utne from January 2020 and Boreal’s contract is to run over nine years.

But first the ship has to be built and VARD has turned to Multi Maritime for the design. The ferry will measure 74 meters in length with a beam of 14.20 meters. Enough to host up to 60 cars and 199 passengers and crew. The hull will be built by Vard Braila in Romania whilst Vard Brevik is to take care of the final delivery late next year.

Vard itself praises its technological know-how with Roy Reite, CEO and Executive Director, expressing his delight in winning Boreal as a client. He added that building the electric ferry will allow Vard to “utilize our strong expertise in battery technology for efficient and environmentally friendly vessels.”

Boreal is one of Norway’s largest public transport providers and is also running a small fleet of electric buses (we reported). Once the new ferry is waterborne, it will be the country’s second all-electric vessel scouting the Fjords. The so-called Future of the Fjords catamaran will have gotten their first if all goes to plan.



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