15 new EV models from FAW’s Hongqi by 2025


Chinese carmaker FAW wants to launch 15 all-electric models under its Hongqi brand by 2025, and will kick start the effort with the first EV this year. By 2020, range may reach 600 kilometres as a standard with autonomy to increase gradually.

FAW reveals details of its plans for new energy vehicles. Of 17 models scheduled to arrive by 2025, no less than 15 will be electric. Expect the first electric car this year bearing the Hongqi label, a red flag.

From 2020 onwards, the target range for each model is 600 kilometres. Additionally, they shall be capable of autonomous driving at level 4 before reaching full autonomy (level 5) by 2025.

FAW aims for annual sales of 100,000 vehicles by 2020. Most will be electric as the Chinese carmaker is zooming in on electrification. Only recently, FAW formed an EV alliance with Dongfeng and Changan in order to to jointly develop platforms and drivetrains and to identify potential synergies in their purchase, production and sales units.

The state-owned trio also plans to set up a new centre to research and develop new energy vehicle technologies and lightweight materials. FAW has also formed joint ventures with mighty carmakers such as Volkswagen and Toyota.

Its cars however, have not penetrated the mass market so far but have made a stately impression on parades instead.


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