AirSpaceX presents flying electric taxi for four at NAIAS


AirSpaceX, previews its electric flying cab Mobi-One in Detroit. The VTOL is to carry up to 4 passengers plus luggage between airports and U.S. cities with roll-out set for 2026.

The dream of a flying car got elevated once more with Airspace Experience Technologies aka AirSpaceX. Their VTOL Mobi-One has landed at the North American International Auto Show and has been designed and built by the Detroit Aircraft Corporation.

The Mobi-One is said to fly with up to 400 kph and is to take up to 4 passengers and an additional 100 kilos of cargo on board. It can land like a helicopter but fly like a plane and shall hold its height for about 60 kilometres.
Additionally, AirspaceX outlined three different modules, one for flight, payload, and driving on the ground.

The target market of AirSpaceX is airports, where the start-up seeks to provide a new way of shuttling guests to and from the terminals and on to urban centres. While AirspaceX says its new transport will be affordable it has not specified any pricing nor has it named existing clients.

But at least in words, the company gears for mass market penetration and wants to deploy 2,500 such flying cabs in the 50 biggest cities in the States by 2026.,


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