Jan 17, 2018 - 03:21 pm

Great Wall launches new EV brand Ora in China


China’s carmaker Great Wall starts a dedicated new energy vehicle brand in its homeland. Ora, or Oula in Chinese will debut at the Beijing Auto Show this April. Pictures have been leaked revealing Ora’s first EV. 

Within Great Wall, Ora is to be a stand-alone brand offering electric and plug-in hybrid cars exclusively. The first model is set to debut in Beijing this spring.

The iQ5 is an all-electric crossover. First pictures leaked into the web, show a sporty four door coupé in white. Great Wall set motor output at 160 hp, good for a 150 kph max. Nothing has been said about range or pricing of the new energy vehicle.



Found on electrive.com
17.01.2018 15:34