Berlin steps up eMobility efforts to avoid driving ban


Berlin’s legislative approved a package of measures to improve air quality and to prevent driving bans. The package includes 10 immediate actions such as a further expansion of charging infrastructure on semi-public and private ground.

The capital’s infrastructure offensive shall help to erect at least 1,000 additional charging points by 2018 and 2019. To get more electrified taxis on the roads, the city also launches a 5m euros scheme that runs until June 2018 and provides 2,500 euros to taxi drivers scrapping their old diesel-powered taxis (Euro 0 to Euro 5) and purchasing a hybrid taxi instead.

Moreover, at 1st of July, Berlin shall see a proceeding scheme to encourage the electrification of commercial fleets of nursing and social services, supply companies or crafts businesses, among others.

The federal state of Berlin wants to set a good example and use more and more low-emission vehicles in its fleet. This relates to all senate administrations (inclusive police forces and fire departments), regional administrations and municipal services.
berlin.de, berlin.de (detailed measures, PDF)


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