Jan 21, 2018 - 01:50 pm

VW’s I.D. models to get all new electronics architecture

Volkswagen is working of a whole new architecture for vehicle electronics that will first control I.D. models. The current technology with 60 (Golf) to a 100 controllers in the premium segment is close to reaching its limit.

A report by Automobilwoche. outlines a new electronic set up for Volkswagen models that has no more than three high performance computers at its core. They connect to the backend and will thus enable over-the-air updates of vehicles a là Tesla.

VW customers however will be involved in the update process so that the driver may decide which update to install or to skip.

With cars becoming ever more connected, car makers are required to keep up with the new technologies and Volkswagen is already working with Nvidia, IBM, Google or Inrix.

automobilwoche.de (Paywall)


Found on electrive.com
21.01.2018 13:37