EVTEC fast-chargers with Type 2 DC plug in Switzerland


The first two EVTEC fast-charging stations including a Type 2 connector for DC fast-charging compatible with Tesla vehicles have been erected in Switzerland. Initiators are the companies Energie 360° and Gotthard Fastcharge (GOFAST). However, Tesla talks about a “misuse” of its tech.

Already at EVS30 in Stuttgart, Swiss charging infrastructure specialist EVTEC presented such a multi-charger with experimental „DC Type 2 plug“, enabling Tesla owners to charge 50 kW direct current (DC). Now the first two units have been installed at the Swiss highway service areas Gunzgen North and Gunzgen South – the latter has already been put into operation.

Initially, the charging capacity for Tesla models is limited to 50 kW, but up to 150 kW are technically feasible, according to EVTEC. Each station allows two vehicles to charge simultaneously. Besides the type 2 connector with up to 50kW (DC), they offer one CHAdeMO plug with up to 70kW (DC), two CCS connectors with up to 100kW (DC), one type 2 plug with cable and up to 43kW (AC) and one type 2 can with up to 22kW (AC). Both stations are included in Energie 360°’s charging service and can be reserved and activated via mobile app.

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  • evtec-ladestation-dc-type-2-plug-evs30-03

Energie 360° and GOFAST intend to offer Tesla drivers an alternative to crowded Superchargers without forcing these clients to use a quite expansive CHAdeMo adapter. The upcoming month will show, whether Tesla owners will make use of this offer although it is fee-based. Around Gunzgen there are definitely also Superchargers available.

Meanwhile Tesla showed a reaction regarding this project, Electrek reports. Thus, Tesla blames EVTEC to “use a damaged and dismantled Tesla DC adapter for a charging service they promote” and to have ignored repeated warnings. Moreover, the Californians criticise that “the misuse of our logo and reference to Supercharging is misleading the public and implies Tesla supports these chargers.” (in German), (reaction of Tesla)


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