Jan 24, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Model 3 hits the East Coast and Midwest

After the Model 3 had hit the first showrooms at the East Coast earlier this week, deliveries are taking off as well. Customers in the area and even in the Midwest have received their Tesla without employee priority and faster than planned.

Non-employees in California were the first to receive their Model 3 this December (we reported) and Tesla has since opened the online configurator to more states like New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

While delivery times were initially stated as up to four weeks, reports from customers now suggest that the wait has been shorter. So it looks like the Model 3 that had made it into the showrooms are flying off the shelves.

Late last year, the lines in Fremont had finally gotten off to speed, now churning out up to 5,000 Model 3 a week. Nevertheless, Tesla still prioritises Model 3 deliveries to first-day reservation holders who are also current Tesla owners.



Found on electrive.com
24.01.2018 12:05