Jan 28, 2018 - 08:53 pm

Ericsson launches autonomous e-shuttle in Stockholm

Two self-driving electric shuttles are roaming the streets of Sweden’s capital. Operator Ericsson has turned to local partners to run the 6 month trial and delivers the 5G enabled remote control system.

Electric transport has gotten to mobile phone specialist Ericsson. The company is running a trial in Stockholm with two electric and autonomous buses that will last into summer so the test period will also show the shuttles’ response in various weather conditions.

The two electric shuttles are open to passengers and will mingle in real life at a speed of maximum 24 kph.

The shuttles will drive mostly themselves but also use remote take-over and human response. Ericsson delivers the Connected Urban Transport (CUT) that monitors said self-driving performance of the buses while also testing of the vehicle’s connectivity to a 5G network.

Ericsson’s CUT platform includes communication with smart, sensor-enabled bus stops, traffic lights and road infrastructure. It is already in use in the Swedish town of Gothenburg.

The autonomous driving project is a joint project between Ericsson and local partners such as Nobina, SJ, Stockholm City, Klövern, KTH and Urban ICT Arena.



Found on electrive.com
28.01.2018 20:43