Featherlight electric motorcycle from Sweden for off-road (video)


This bike is a piece of Cake as in the name of the company from Sweden. Their electric motorcycle Kalk is an all-electric dirt bike and ready to jump onto the market this June.

A range of 80 kilometres and a top speed of 80 kph definitely suffice for some fun off-road. Price is set at 14,000 euros and Cake already got its Limited Edition on pre-order. Deposit 1,000 euros to reserve one of a total of 50 bikes.

The frame is alloy but the body is made of carbon fibre so that this Kalk weighs less than 70 kilos, including the 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which delivers around 20 hp. The electric motorcycle features three  riding modes, Discover, Explore, and Excite.

Kalk is named after ‘kalksten’ (limestone in Swedish) because limestone makes up the bedrock of one of the Swedish isles that dirt bikers love.

For Cake, their Kalk limited edition is to see the demand for electric two-wheelers. But particularly for off-road biking, a silent electric motor makes the fun day out all the more natural as in silent reserve so expect those bikes to go fast.,,


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