First Maxus EV80 vans delivered to clients in Europe

SAIC Mobility Europe’s brand Maxus has delivered the first few EV80 electric vans in Europe. Distributor Maske Fleet added EV80 vans to a courier service’s fleet based in Hamburg.

Corporate clients in Austria and Germany are among the first targeted by Maxus through the distributor Maske Fleet. They delivered five of the electric vans to a courier service shortly after SAIC had announced their market entry.

Fleets in France and Benelux will be able to get the Maxus EV80 next. The electric van has a range of 200 kilometres and a maximum payload of 950 kilos and is available as panel van or chassis cab.

Other markets such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and Spain are to follow soon. The full Europe launch is planned in 2019.


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