Jan 30, 2018 - 03:27 pm

BMW licenses EC Power’s technology to pre-heat EV batteries

BMW has made a deal with EC Power, a spin-off of Penn State University, to use their so-called All-Climate-Battery. The battery warms up itself in cold climates and thus got the potential to make EVs more fit for tough weather.

The new deal between BMW and Penn State University spin-off EC Power gives the German carmaker a license to utilise the start-up’s battery technology. Their Li-ion battery warms itself in cold environments and thus has the potential to keep EV performance steady no matter the weather (we reported).

When temperatures drop below zero, an integrated temperature sensor reroutes current through nickel foil thus warming the battery through resistance heating. Once the cells reach non-freezing temperatures, the heating switches off. The amount of energy used for the warm-up is said to be very small.



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Found on electrive.com
30.01.2018 15:04