Ireland encourages procurement of electric taxis


The Irish government is planning to add to its existing subsidy plan in a specific area, taxis. The move is designed to include cab companies into the wider plan to electrify public transport. 

Irish minister for Transport, Shane Ross, will announce the new incentive plan to convert public service vehicles in the private sector. Under the grant programme for electric taxis, entirely electrical-powered taxis will be subsidised with up to 7,000 euros, while hybrid vehicles will receive up to 3,500 euros.

This grant will stand on top of already existing subsidies for EVs, which include a 5,000 euro rebate on vehicle registration tax, a 3,800 euros grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, as well as an upcoming grant aimed to support the construction of home-charging points.

The Minister for Environment, Denis Naughten, has also stated that there are other initiatives planned to encourage drivers to take a more environmentally friendly approach, such as free passage on tollways for electric vehicles.

However Irish drivers have yet to begin opting for electric transportation en masse, as EVs account for only 0.25% of the market in the last year, as a mere 622 models were sold.


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