Feb 2, 2018 - 03:21 pm

Seat is purportedly planning its first MEB EV


Spanish car manufacturer SEAT has tentatively announced their plans for a new MEB electric vehicle slated for release in 2020. Based on the new MEB platform, designed by VW, the car will feature a Modular Electrification Toolkit. 

A Modular Electrification Toolkit is designed to optimize an electric vehicle in order to make the most of your car. Based on a previous model, Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB), which was launched in 2012, the idea was to create easily substitutable, modular sections of the vehicle, which would allow for designers to easily swap parts and test a new engine or vehicles configuration without redesigning the entire vehicle.

What this means for consumers, is a more easily repairable vehicle, which can also be upgraded with comparative ease. SEAT development chief Matthias Rabe announced that the new electric vehicle will be based on the Leon vehicle model, which is a compact car, but will feature more internal space.

It is rumored to be offered in two engine sizes and development to be around 95% complete, meaning we can look forward to an announcement soon! The name for the EV has also not been confirmed, however trademark applications reveal it to be something like Born, Born-E or the E-Born.



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