Feb 3, 2018 - 06:44 pm

FIA permits Tesla racing series after safety concerns (video)


The planned electric vehicle race allowing for tuned Teslas exclusively will be allowed to proceed. After safety requirements set forth by the FIA have been satisfied, the race is scheduled to begin this year.

After a series of safety tests were completed with a modified Tesla Model S, the FIA is now satisfied and has given a green light for the race to go ahead. The official name is planned to be the Electric Production Car Series (EPCS) and should already be starting this year.

Initially there had been some take-off difficulties, due to a crash and some technical difficulties, however the modified Model S P100D has now passed all relevant crash tests with flying colors. The racing series will provide some opportunity for EVs to show off their capabilities as a fast luxury car, opposing the old image of a slow, but clean drive.

Tesla claims it’s Model S can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in two seconds, which may soon easily compete with or even eclipse regular combustion vehicles. The reduced weight is a large asset here, as the car was modified from its series standard by stripping the interior and adding bio-composite to lose a total of 1,100 pounds for the race.

A total of 10 teams and 20 drivers are planned so far, and will compete in a variety of races. A statement by the organizers said the following:

“Electric GT Holdings Inc. has also published the EPCS sporting regulations, which include a three-heat (585kW) qualifying format. Rounds will include a day race (60km) and a dusk race (60km). EPCS race power will be set to a maximum of 585kW (778hp). An innovative “Drift Off” competition will also take place at suitable circuits, where fans will see the top two finishing drivers plus two fan-voted drivers go head-to-head to complete a series of drifting challenges to secure three further championship points”.

We look forward to seeing a variety of challenging and diverse racing season!

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