Innogy to provide charging to DHL StreetScooters


In order to power their StreetScooter vans, Deutsche Post/DHL have partnered with innogy. The charging infrastrcuture provider is to deliver both charging stations as well as logistical solutions.

Innogy will be providing new, and possibly custom designed charging networks and stations for the new DHL delivery vehicles. The StreetScooter, is designed for ease-of-use and speed, and needs a charging network to support extended use by public postal services.

The charging stations will be designed to also be very easy to use, but complex enough for them to be safe. Discussed developments included an RFID chip solution for DHL employees to easily identify and charge their vans, as well as an overnight solution, which would alleviate pressure from fast charging networks. In a regular schedule, the electric vans will charge overnight at a rate of 3.7 or 11 KW.

The existing fleet of StreetScooters has expanded quickly; currently over 5,000 are in use, and more models are planned (we reported). DHL also employs a fleet of electric bikes, or pedelecs.

Innogy has thus far produced around 7,000 networked charging points across Europe, and will continue to expand with this commission. Construction, testing and evaluation for the new systems is to commence soon.


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