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Dutch Emoss to bring range-extended electric truck


EMOSS Mobile Systems has developed an electric semi-truck that has a range over 480 kilometres thanks to a range extender and a large battery. The company also offers a rigid model according to their website.

The EMOSS Electric Vehicle with Extender Range, short E.V.E.R. semi-truck comes with a 120 kWh battery pack. The range is further extended with a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) generator to recharge the battery.

A fully automated transmission Allison 4500 serves for smooth operation and is rated for a gross combination weight of up to 50 metric tons.

The Emoss website also advertises a rigid electric truck model and specifies the motor power as ranging between 150 and 250 kW. The EVER model’s drive comes in at 250 kW.

EMOSS first unveiled the Allison-equipped E.V.E.R. truck, based on a DAF chassis, at the eCarTec exhibition in Germany last November. Testing is to commence with pilot customers later this year.

In addition to the E.V.E.R. truck, EMOSS is currently developing electric trucks for use in construction, delivery and refuse applications such as dump trucks, medium-duty straight trucks, refuse collection vehicles and additional semi-truck configurations.,


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