Volkswagen’s BEV for China clearly comes from JAC


Leaked images reveal the design of a Volkswagen EV for the Chinese market. However, the budget vehicle will not be sold under the VW label and is not exactly a new car either. Instead it is clearly inspired by JAC’s existing iEV7S with some changes to the front and rear.

While made through the Volkswagen-JAC joint venture, the electric car is to be offered under the Seat brand in its Chinese version called Xiyate.

While rebranding an existing model may not be seen as “trail-blazing”, the technology behind the car is proven and offers a range of 280 km. The motor delivers 85kW motor and 270 Nm. The maximum speed will be, appropriately for Chinese highways, 130 Km/h, as the speed limit stands at 120.

As the Chinese government is rolling out a series of subsidies for new energy vehicles in the coming months, the vehicle will be sold at different prices around the country depending on the region, but the small “city size” SUV is currently starting at 26,500 euro.


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