Feb 8, 2018 - 05:21 pm

Uniti to enter India by 2020 through local Bird Group

The Swedish startup Uniti is planning to enter the Indian market in 2020 through a partnership with the Indian Bird Group. The entrance will be heralded by a public exhibition at the India Auto Expo and Uniti plans to offer its BEV to Indian buyers at an über-competitive price.

So far a 2-seated version of the startups electric car has been presented and will also be on display in India. However,  the 5-seated version will be available to experience in virtual reality.

The Indian vehicle will closely follow the European model, although the price is set to be considerably lower, starting at around 9,000 euros for the small model, while the Swedish counterpart costs upward of 15,000.

The company has begun accepting reservations that evoke a 1,000 euro deposit. The roll-out in India will proceed as planned for 2020 though. The Bird Group will cover local assembly and mass distribution.

  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-07
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-05
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-03
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-02
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-04
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-06
  • uniti-one-electric-car-concept-2017-01
  • uniti-mediamarkt

Indias’ government envisions an all-electric transportation system to have taken effect by 2030, following a severe over-saturation of air-pollution in major cities.

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