Feb 9, 2018 - 09:40 pm

Tesla sales president Jon McNeill leaves for Lyft

Now former Tesla president of sales and services, Jon McNeill, has left Tesla for Lyft, where he will begin as Chief Operating Officer. There are no plans thus far concerning a successor, and Elon Musk plans to take over McNeills duties in the meantime.

Tesla sales and service personnel is to report directly to Elon Musk for now, since the former head of sales has left the Tesla store, figuratively speaking. While the reasons for his exit are unknown, McNeill certainly lost out on the 700,000 dollar bonus that would have been paid out if Q4 production quotas were met, which did not happen due to delays in the Model 3 production (we reported).

The exodus from Tesla seems to be picking up, as this is the next high profile figure to depart, after Ernest Villanueva recently left the company. Villanueva was one of Teslas battery engineers, holds several patents and was one of the lead battery developers on the Model 3 project.

In early January it was also announced that Jason Mendez and Will McColl were departing Tesla, who also both worked on the Model 3. This came after the departure of Kurt Kelty, who had surprisingly left Tesla in August of 2017. Kelty was lead engineer in battery production, and had worked with Tesla since 2006.

While the sudden exodus has not been sufficiently explained, Musk has extended his contract with Tesla for another 10 years. As usually, his payment is only in shares and thus dependent on the company’s performance solely.

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