Feb 13, 2018 - 07:16 pm

Bosch expands eMobility product range in India


Bosch has announced that they will significantly increase its product line in India. Car manufacturers and fleet operators will have a range of end-to-end solutions including drive components for electric vehicles, as well as charging infrastructure.

In order to deal with local circumstances, Bosch has set up a so-called “Agile Project House” in India, where prototypes for e-mobility applications can be developed and adapted, as well as work on system integration on-site to get electric vehicles and
electromobility solutions on Indian streets.

Bosch is also demonstrating its electric high-voltage vehicle systems with the 400 Volt, 85kW powertrain. It is among the first of its kind in the Indian market.

In the future the supplier plans to develop adaptable drive solutions with a performance range of 0.25 to 300 kW across all segments of transportation and vehicle types, including everything from a motorcycle to trucks. Currently Bosch holds a total of 18 production facilities and 7 development centres.

motoroids.com, boschindia.com (PDF)


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13.02.2018 19:34